Easy DIY Pillowcase


I’m in love with everything that the artist Sarah Jane creates.  I love the vintage style of the children she illustrates and I am especially in love with her line of fabric.  I splurged and purchase six yards of her coordinating fabrics on fabric.com.  I see two good things that will come from this purchase: 1) I will be forced to learn to sew (at least beginner projects) and 2) Each yard is was about $10 and I figure I can make two items from each yard, so at $5 a pop, I should end up with some inexpensive and (hopefully) adorable summer skirts and dresses for Mollie.

My first project was to make a pillowcase out of the “Magic Parade” and “Lucky Stars” fabrics I purchased.  The pattern used a full yard of the main fabric, 9 inches of the cuff Continue reading